Aquamarine is Clear light blue, blue-green or aqua and comes from the Beryl family.  The deeper and purer the blue, the more valuable the aquamarine.

Ocean Dreams

This  3 strand necklace has many shapes, sizes and colours of Aquamarine stones, paired with clear Quartz Crystal, and Iceflake Quartz Crystal

The strands of stone measure 43cm, with heavy stirling silver cable chain adding up to another 20cm of length for a total possible length of  63 cm in length, allowing for full adjustability depending on your outfit.

99.9% silver handmade bead cones


Still Water Necklace

Double Strands of rough and tumbled aquamarine stones, paired with clear quartz crystal and swarovsky crystals

Finished with hand crafted 99% silver cones, and stirling silver heavy chain and clasp

Necklace measures 23 inches



Twisted Aquamarine, Moonstone & Pearls

Finished with Stirling Silver Chain and Clasp

23 inches in length, fully adjustable to 16 inches


Earth and Sky 

Long Strand (46") of Aquamarine, Labradorite, Tiger Eye, Citrine, Clear Quartz Crystal and Swarovski Crystal

Length is 42 inches


Sky Blue, Pink Rose

Beautiful huge chunks of green beryl (aquamarine)  irregular with matte finish

Huge rough cut slices of rose quartz

Very large drops of clear quartz crystal

finished with stirling silver chain and clasp

Stone Strand measures 32cm


Aquamarine and Stirling Silver 

Drop Earrings 


Summer Blue Aquamarine Stirling Silver Earrings